I was just talking to someone I really admire...

I was just talking to someone I really admire. And he said something wonderful about you.


He said: "The Fund for Assistance is a miracle."


And by that he actually meant that YOU are a miracle.


Because FFA is nothing without YOU and people like you who support our work.


You and other kind and generous people make up the Fund for Assistance.


And here's why he admires you so much...


But first, let me tell you who said this.


The person I was talking to was Deacon Andrei Psarev - the main "chronicler" of ROCOR history. He is a professor of Canon Law at Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville, NY. He's dedicated his whole life to our Church and to writing and preserving its history.


It's precisely because he's a historian that what he said has so much weight.


Because - in Fr. Andrei's own words - you are following in the footsteps of +Metropolitan Laurus of blessed memory.


You're doing exactly what Metropolitan Laurus said you should be doing.


Here’s what he said: “Everyone in the Church must serve - our example for this is the Lord Himself, Who said: 'but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister' (Matthew 22:26). This is the example of serving God and man: the greater your authority, the greater is your duty toward your neighbor.”


When you give to the Fund for Assistance  - you serve your neighbor daily. You provide real tangible help to your Orthodox brothers and sisters across the world. 


You put nutritious food on the tables of hungry.

You pay rent so Orthodox Christians have a place to worship.

You make sure priests have a place to turn to when in financial trouble.


And so much more!

In other words, you serve by taking care of the Church through the FFA, just like Metropolitan Laurus said. 


Thank you! 

Alena Plavsic
FFA Fundraiser 

P.S. Here’s the full version of +Metropolitan Laurus’s speech. (https://www.rocorstudies.org/2009/02/02/a-greeting-of-metropolitan-laurus-to-the-paths-of-the-russian-diaspora-conference/)

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