“Don’t Stop Learning”
Vladimir Gorbik taught 70 choir directors – thanks to YOU!
Vladimir Gorbik taught 70 choir directors – thanks to YOU!
Vladimir Gorbik taught 70 choir directors – thanks to YOU!

This time, you helped create multi-jurisdictional waves among Orthodox directors.



Here’s how.



Thanks to you, over 70 Orthodox choir directors from multiple jurisdictions met online and learned how to improve their directing – so their parishes pray better. (Who doesn’t need better prayers these days?!)



You probably know that too many choir directors feel under-prepared when they find themselves in charge of a parish choir.



Many have no musical training at all. Some are converts, never had experience singing in (let alone directing) an Orthodox choir, don’t know the tones, the rubrics, etc.



The list of problems is impressive. But you helped!



Because you know that the prayer life of a parish depends on the way the choir sounds.



A choir can either help or hinder prayer. But, we're preaching to the choir… (pun intended).



Here’s how you helped directors from over 70 different Orthodox parishes:



Because of your generosity, these choir directors were able to train online with Vladimir Gorbik (chief choir director at the Holy Trinity-St Sergius Lavra in Russia) for 10 days.



You may have heard of the many master classes Gorbik has held in the United States to help choir directors in the Western world over the last 10 years.



Thanks in part to our donors who helped hold this online event, Vladimir also started an online program helping struggling Orthodox choir directors – The Gorbik Method.



The idea behind this program is to help any church musician – regardless of their level – to get the help they need in directing a church choir.



This would have been impossible without your help!



We’ve since heard that many of our own ROCOR choir directors have already improved their directing thanks to this online event.

Thank you for caring so much about the music in our Church!

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