Mexico: You Just Can't Stop Caring, can You?

Have you heard? Mexico has been hard-hit by the pandemic. But thanks to you, people are surviving.


For years, the tiny monastery struggled under incredibly heavy burdens. The small brotherhood works like bees: studying at universities, translating Orthodox literature into Spanish, painting icons, making candles, taking care of a very large and very poor flock.


Heading the monastery is Fr. Nektariy, a small man in his 50s. But a giant of the Orthodox Faith. And one of the most highly educated people we’ve ever had the honor to meet.


Because of the pandemic, Fr. Nektariy lost most of his jobs – and the income the monastery relies on to survive.


But you heeded God’s call and took care of this luminary of our Faith. Here's how…

Thanks to you and kind people like you, Fr. Nektariy and the brethren of Holy Trinity Monastery were able to survive 2020 and help others.


Unsurprisingly, even though Fr. Nektariy suddenly had so much more time, he took on even more work – of healing.


And this is what you’ve helped this amazing man do:


To this day – for a full year – he has been treating patients in his community.


Most of the people he has treated have fully recovered from COVID! The brethren were able to celebrate Pascha at the monastery, albeit with many precautions.


No matter what’s going on in the world, our Church is very much alive as long as you are part of Her. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Fr. Nektariy is praying for each of you who helped him.


He asked to say: “Christ is Risen!” to you and to convey his overwhelming gratitude for your kindness.

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