Houses collapsed

Dear Friend,


I've heard from Matushka Rose in Haiti.


Please help Haiti by giving an emergency gift now!


She's able to write because she's in Port-au-Prince - about 100 miles from Les Cayes, where the 7.2 earthquake happened last Saturday.


Matushka Rose says that the situation in Les Cayes is unimaginable. 70% of houses in Les Cayes have collapsed or suffered structural damage. The earthquake was followed by torrential rains, which brought down more houses and killed more people.


Five houses belonging to our Orthodox families have been destroyed...


The parish in Port-au-Prince is gathering its meager strength together to help their brothers and sisters in Les Cayes.



Please help your brothers and sisters in Haiti by donating today. Every dollar helps!



With love in Christ,


Alena Plavsic

FFA Fundraiser


P.S. Please don't stand by as Orthodox Christians in Haiti are suffering the loss of their loved ones, health, homes, meager property!

Please show them God's mercy through you by giving now!

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