An Extra $15K for Haiti
Dear Friend,
Happy feast day of the Holy and Life-Giving Cross!
You may have seen our last few posts about Haiti.
This one is about yet another match we're giving for Haiti - an extra $15,000!
It's because you've been absolutely incredible and we collected over $35,000 for Haiti with the initial $10,000 match.
And that's when we decided to extend the deadline to October 20th and provide an additional $15,000.
So if you haven't yet given to help Haiti - please do now. Your gift will be matched until we've reached $15,000!
Here's what you will be achieving:
- You will be giving food to the hungry...
- medicine to the sick...
- clothing for the naked...
And hope for all of them. How much more must they suffer when they feel abandoned by the whole world?
When you donate today, you will show them that YOU have NOT abandoned your brothers and sisters at a time of crisis.
Please have mercy on them and help them today! Every dollar is tax-deductible to the extend allowed by the law - and doubled by matching funds!
- Your gift of $15 will be doubled by matching funds to $30
- If you can give $25, that's $50 to help feed and clothe the suffering!
- $35 will double to $70 for helping our brothers and sisters in Haiti.
Any amount is greatly needed and appreciated.
With love in Christ,
Alena Plavsic
FFA Fundraiser
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