Orthodox Children in Syria need your help…

Dear Friends,


I really need your help.


By now, everyone’s heard of the horrific earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Over 40,000 people have died. Many of them are Orthodox Christians – our brothers and sisters in Christ. 


There are children who have lost parents… Some have lost parents, siblings, homes, and limbs – all in one day. 


And this is why I’m coming to you today. 


I know with this request I’m going outside of the Fund for Assistance’s mandate to only help our own. 


But this tragedy is too horrific to just sit back and do nothing. 


We must help our Antiochian Orthodox brothers and sisters now. The work is difficult, even dangerous. And it’s expensive. 


But that’s not all. For years, the late Antiochian Metropolitan Philip donated generously to support our Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem. 


The time has come to stretch out a hand of aid to our Syrian brothers and sisters, too. 


Will you help?


The good news is that we'll be matching any donation until we've raised $5,000.


This means that:


  • If you give $25, your donation will be doubled by matching funds to $50.
  • If you give $55 today, your donation will become $110.
  • And if you give $100, then your donation will grow into $200 to double the aid to those suffering in Syria. 

Any amount you can give will help! The main thing is to ACT NOW.


We’ve already lost time, because we didn’t know if it would be possible to send funds to Syria because of the current U.S. sanctions against the country. 


However, thanks to our Orthodox connections, it turns out that we can safely give money to help the Syrian Orthodox Church and Her faithful. 


So, would you please give?


May God help you and all those who are suffering in the world. 


Won’t you be a godsend to those Orthodox Christians suffering today?


Donate now and help your Orthodox brothers and sisters in Christ. So that when you stand together before Christ, they tell Him how much you’ve done for them. 


May God bless you, 


Mark Selawry


P.S. Don’t forget that any donation will be matched until we’ve reached $5,000! To give now, please click here.

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