2022 Saint Herman Youth Conference!

Dear Friends,


I know it’s cliché, but I think you’ll agree anyway that the youth are the future of the Church.

And by supporting the Fund for Assistance,
you’re supporting our youth!


The Saint Herman Youth Conference had humble beginnings in 1980 in Jordanville: it was a way for young people to spend their Christmas break (when most families weren’t celebrating yet!) with fellow Orthodox youth in a safe and spiritually productive way.

Today, there are three conferences (in Western America, Mid-America, and Eastern America), and thanks to you, the Fund for Assistance supports all three.

In addition to spending time with other Orthodox youth (how many people get to meet other Orthodox students at school??) and making friends for life, the Youth Conferences offer:

-         guest lecturers that address pressing moral issues of today

-         question-and-answer sessions with knowledgeable clergy

-         roundtable discussions to share concerns and experiences

-         invaluable time with other Orthodox young people, and

-         MOST IMPORTANTLY: participation in the divine services!

I know you value our Orthodox youth, and we share that priority. These conferences strength these bright young minds in their Orthodox Faith. In many cases, relationships here even lead to marriage and families. … and the Church gets bigger.

Some even become our future priests, deacons, matushkas,
monks, nuns, and choir directors!

Orthodox youth coast-to-coast benefit and grow in the Church because of YOUR SUPPORT. Thank you!!


With love in Christ,

Mark Selawry
FFA President

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