You Are Providing Nutritious Meals for School Girls in Bethany

Decades of strife in the Holy Land have resulted in terrible levels of poverty, leaving many children with inadequate living conditions, schools, or even some- thing to eat. We know the particular love our Lord had for children, saying:

“Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto Me: for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Our nuns in the Holy Land have taken these words of the Savior to heart, and run the Bethany Girls’ School since 1937. Here many local Palestinian girls – Orthodox and Muslim alike – are given a quality Orthodox education. Local families whose children are enrolled know the value of the School and help support it when they can, but it isn’t always enough.

Mother Maria, the abbess, shares how important YOUR support is to the School:

“All of the funds you have given to us came at a very important time,
and were very helpful.”

In addition to learning, the Bethany School offers a sanctuary from the chaos outside, food for the students, a medical clinic, and – in some cases – a place to live for girls with no home. The nuns even run a summer camp, so that there is no gap in the care being given to their students.

“Your donations have allowed us to open a small canteen that we built at the School in order to provide our students a healthy breakfast and some snacks – sandwiches, juice, milk, fruit, and vegetables. More than that, we have a Christian family here in Bethany with three girls who are students in our School… The family was struggling financially and running the canteen was a source of income for them.”

“I am really thankful to all of you who have participated. You made a real difference. Thank you!”

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