A hungry priest? Not on your watch…

A hungry priest? Not on your watch…



Like every priest who’s ever applied for help to the Fund for Assistance, Fr. Aleksander had nowhere else to turn to.


The poverty of the mission is so great that at one point, Fr. Aleksander and Matushka sold their wedding rings just to be able to keep the mission going.


Without help from generous people like you, the mission’s days would have been numbered. Fr. Aleksander’s family could barely afford to buy rice. And many of the parishioners – devout Orthodox Christians who lived in similar poverty – would have lost their priest and their church.


But then came YOU…


You are the reason the mission in Bali is growing and strengthening in Christ!


Now, thanks to your incredible kindness, the mission is doing as well as possible. Fr. Aleksander is not only serving his parishioners, he is growing his parish. Right before
Pascha, he converted and baptized eight more people!


Thanks to you, the mission in Bali is growing. Because you didn’t let their priest starve… And because you took care of his modest earthly needs, he is able to preach the Gospel and help spiritually hungry people find Jesus Christ.


May God bless your kind heart always!


Thank you for feeding the hungry and helping spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth!

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