Our 72-hour challenge in honor of St. John is over!

Our 72-hour challenge to support our Church in honor of St. John of Shanghai & San Francisco is over.




You've been AMAZING!


Thanks to your incredible generosity!


We've exceeded our goal of collecting $10,000 - we now have just over $11,200.


Thank you so much for loving your Church - as much as St John did does!


Your name will be sent to be commemorated at St John's relics in San Francisco. Holy Father John, pray to God for all those who love you!


If you haven't had a chance to participate and would still like to, please click the link below.


Could you give $6.19 or $7.02, $19.66 or any other amount?


Maybe then we can reach $12,000 for our Church!


Thank you SO much for your kindness!


Alena Plavsic
Fundraiser at FFA

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